And Time Moves On

With the new addition to our family has come a lot of change; mostly in time, meaning there is none! I feel like we have lost 4 hours in every day and gained 100 new tasks. With those tasks though, comes a lot of joy...and stress and sleepless nights. ;) I don't mean to complain though. We are moving forward in new and different ways and loving it it; most of the time. Here are a few things that have taken place since I last posted:

Valentine's Day was fun. Evy got all sorts of gifts from people she loves - I think it's her new favorite holiday; besides her birthday - we'll get to that later. She got to spend time with both grandmas over that holiday and loved it. Well, except for getting the flu...I think she felt bad for throwing up on Grandma Judy, but she got better aim after that! Kyle and I spent Valentine's Day in St. Cloud at a hotel. It was nice and relaxing; with a few nerves thrown in. I had my heart procedure the following day. It was fairly painless and I only had to spend one night there. My mom and Kyle had a good time messing with me while I was waking up; knowing I wouldn't remember much. They are not sure the procedure worked 100%, but I can tell it certainly helped. Evy was over her flu by the time we got back, but passed it on to me a few days later. Icky! She later got tonsillitis; but handled that like a champ!

Evy turned 3 in the beginning of March. We had the family over for supper and had Tinker Bell ice cream cake. She was in heaven!
My mom, dad, and I also had birthday's. I turned 25...booo! I had to take a new driver's license photo - boy do I look old! We did go to Mabel Murphy's for my birthday though - sooo good! Kyle and I had our 4-year aniversary. It's crazy to think of all that's happened in the 8 years we've been together - where does the time go?!
Evy got to go to attend the St. Patrick's Day parade in Miltona. She played with her friends while we waited for it to start; but then she took a digger....She got over it quickly when she started getting candy though!

We had Laney Baptized last weekend. She was so good during church, and after it for that matter. She doesn't know it yet, but she is so blessed.
Laney also started smiling recently. No pictures yet - she's a slick one and knows when the camera comes out. She is getting her own personality - so much different than Evy. She's more laid back and gives us only a half smirk and holds things in. I still love it! The cooing has also started; I'm so excited that the interaction stages are coming with her...the best for me is yet to come!

Kyle started a new business. It's a little above my lingo, but it's called Mid Central Mapping. I think he basically makes variable rate GPS maps for farmers to maximize crop yield, among other things. He's pretty excited, and achieving one of his major goals in life, which was to be self employed by the time he is 25. Since he's a few months younger than me, he just made it! This makes for a lot of adjustment in the schedule as well - sometimes it works in my favor though, so I can't complain too much!

Evy got invited to her first birthday party! She was so excited to get the invitation in the mail; she LOVES mail! Then she found out it was a party for her best friend at a water park...what could be better?! I get to go with her for that tomorrow - so excited; however, I had to buy a swimming suit. :S I haven't worn one of those since before I had Evy. I thought I was going to have a break-down while I was shopping for it yesterday. I did find one that...well, it will work, I guess. Dear 'My Fitness Pal,' why didn't you have me in shape for a swimming suit yet?! Oh yes, and for the bridesmaid dress I have to fit for today! Grrr...

On another note - can anyone tell me how to program my washer and dryer to do the laundry without me? I swear I just get caught up and take one night off - then the next night, it's like I didn't do it for a week! Where does it come from?!

Okay - now that I'm done sharing our life...and venting, :) I hope you all have a great weekend!



High Time

I've been neglecting my blog again lately. I guess you could say I've had better things to do... ;) So without further adieu; here is the newest addition to our family:
Laney Kyla Grinager
1/21/11 @ 9:49 a.m.
6lbs 15oz - 20 inches
Laney is two weeks old today and big sister Evy is in love - as are we!

On another note; Evy is a cousin again as well. Wade and Abby had their baby on Monday. Bode Lane Grinager is home, happy and healthy as well!


Little Quirks

Evy's done some goofy things lately. I guess it's been going on for awhile now. I suppose it's partly because she's in her copying stage; and her literal stage...and I don't know what else. Either way, I just shake my head and think we'll be in trouble later!

First I'll start with the copying. Of course if I take a shower, she has to, too. Same if my hair is in a ponytail, wearing sunglasses, have a pink shirt on, wearing a scarf...you get the idea. She also loves to watch Dancing With the Stars. The season is over and she is quite sad about that. She loved to dance with them and always has to put a skirt on like them and have her hair in a ponytail. Towards the end of the season she was catching on that they weren't wearing very much for clothing; so this was her way of making up for that...
While we were putting up our Christmas tree this year her Uncle stopped by and asked if she was hanging up her stockings. You and I would understand that he means hanging her Christmas stocking up. Instead, Evy went to her room, got a pair of socks, and hung one on the tree. Not something I would have thought of, but she certainly took his questions literally. She also came up with a couple new terms while we decorated. She would say that we were 'merrying up the house' or 'holidaying up the house'. I asked around and I can't find where she came up with that - so it must have been on her own.
As you may also know, Evy is potty trained - sort of. She still wears diapers at night and sometimes during nap time. We buy Huggies and in the size she was in she liked to wear the ones with Mickey AND Minnie on them, not the ones with Mickey and a bird. She recently went up a size and they have a little different design on the front. These also have ones with a Mickey AND Minnie on them, but now she likes the ones where Pluto is pulling Mickey with a balloon. She seriously digs through her whole basket to find the ones she wants and won't stop until she finds them; of course making a mess of the whole time...EVERY TIME!. When her favorite is all gone, she'll wear the other design, but is certainly not happy about it...crazy girl!
Like I said - we may have a few troubles with her in her teen years!


As most of you know, Kyle is a new member of the local fire department and they did their Santa day recently; so, we saw Santa again. This time there was no need for a warm up with Evy. She was so ready to see him again and asked for the same thing...only she told a much longer story.
She didn't seem to want to get off his lap and was glowing the whole time. She was also very happy to see that her picture made the front page of the local paper! What a ham! I guess I was a proud mama to see it when I got the mail yesterday, too!




Evy saw Santa yesterday. It took a little warming up for her, but once she did, she told him exactly what she wanted! Later we had to go back so she could wave at him and blow him another kiss! Evy had a pretty simple wish; so I'm pretty sure we can make that happen.


Tinker Bell Wears Sunglasses

I didn't know Tinker Bell wore sunglasses, did you? Evy thought that since she had purple sunglasses and the rest of her costume was purple, that they should just be worn together. So we went trick-or-treating in the dark...wearing sunglasses.

P.S. I know she's more of a fairy than Tinker Bell...but Evy doesn't.



We had a great day today. Pumpkin carving, lunch with grandpa, went to the huntin' shack, pet CD, Vikes win, more pumpkin carving, ice cream (oops) and more football...all with papa. I think Evy was in heaven, besides the fact that the nap was a bit short, it was good. Here are our pumpkins. Kyle did three to my one, oh well...can you guess which is mine? The Vikes one of course! No template either...all freehand. I even impressed myself. Not that it's THAT good, but since I'm seriously no artist, I thought it was cool.